Redeemer Bible Church of the Valley

Why We Exist

Redeemer exists because Christ became a man, lived the life we could not live and died the death we could not die for our sins. Jesus was a man on a mission—the ultimate missionary—coming to give people hope and bring sinners back home to God. Because of His life and His mission, we long to make His name known and to obey Jesus’ call to “make disciples.” It is our joy and our desire to learn about our Father and Christ through His word and then live out what we have learned by committing our lives to God and others. We hope that through Redeemer Bible Church we can bring much glory to God in South Texas and expand His kingdom by making much of Christ together, loving our community, and seeing others come to know Jesus.

We have come to understand that God didn’t primarily leave us on this planet to improve our understanding of God, huddle people into groups, create more effective worship services, etc. Those are merely means God uses towards a much greater end. God left His precious church in this world so that followers of Christ might be made through the vehicle and power of the gospel for the purpose of drawing near and worshiping the one who matters most: God (Matt. 22:36; 28:18-20; Heb. 10:19).

Out of this mission to love God will come a group of people who have developed a heart for what He loves most. God’s heart is set on pursuing His glory, empowering His people, and reaching out to the broken and lost in this world. As the people of God, the church must be about reflecting God’s love, reaching out to the hurting world around us, calling them to become followers of Jesus (1 Pet. 2:4). The day you decided to follow Jesus, whether you understood it completely or not, you committed yourself to His mission. To say it another way, you became a missionary. God has saved you in order to make you a missionary to your neighbors, whom you recalled to love as yourself (Matt. 22:39).