Redeemer Bible Church of the Valley

Weslaco Gospel Community Group

The North Weslaco Gospel Community Group exists to inspire and encourage Christians, both individuals, and families, in serving and worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ. Our group strives to shine the light of the Gospel for people to hear, both near and far, by engaging and empowering followers and potential followers of Jesus Christ, in order to find our fullest potential as Christ’s disciples. By encouraging and supporting events and activities across the North Weslaco area, we hope to bring people together to bring glory and honor to God, through the knowledge of His Son Jesus Christ. Our Group works with four or five other groups under the authority of Redeemer Bible Church of the Valley, to serve the many different areas and communities across the mid-valley, as part of the larger Rio Grande Valley, in deep south Texas. There are up to 23 members in the North Weslaco Group who meet every Wednesday night (at 6:30 pm) to serve the local church body through sincere worship, personal sharing, and one-on-one and group prayer. By focusing our lives on Jesus Christ, in humility and transparency, our Group hopes to build a sense of belonging and to provide a forum for exchanging ideas and Gospel-centered thinking for increased church engagement, personal development, and Christ-centered growth.