Redeemer Bible Church of the Valley

Gospel Communities

We believe that our personal relationships with Jesus can best be protected and expressed by coming together in small groups, through which we can fulfill what the Scriptures have encouraged us to live out in the community with other believers. Because of this, we specifically come to “one another” each other. We pray, encourage, exhort, and—at times—challenge one another as we seek to keep a passion for Jesus alive.

When we talk about “church,” we tend to use words related to buildings and programs rather than people and relationships. But if we are going to speak rightly about the church, we must begin by talking about people and about relationships with God and with one another. The best way to understand the church is to view it in terms of community.

Gospel Community meetings are small gatherings in homes through which our body of believers display Biblical care for one another. When we gather together, we are able to learn how God is working in each life. People share what they are learning from God’s Word, from Sunday’s sermon, and from their life circumstances. As we commit to these groups we are able to see Hebrews 10:25 come to life. Each of us leaves encouraged and renewed in our walk with Christ.